About Larry Knox

I live in Bear River, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
My studio is part of the year-round Bear River Artists’ Studio Tour

I am trained in the Jewellery Arts and Gemstone Cutting .
These are a few of my services:

Enamel Work
– fusing powdered glass onto copper creating
a copper enamelled piece of jewellery

Jewellery Work
– design, cut, hammer, torch and polish metal
to make my one-of-a-kind jewellery.

Gemstone Cutting
I work with gemstones in two ways:
– faceting new gemstones from rough materials
and setting gemstones in jewellery

–  re-faceting the surfaces of worn and scratched gemstones

I’m a member of the Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia.
You can also see my creative artistic work in Bear River
at the Bear River Artworks Gallery , Flight of Fancy and at my Studio.

Thank you for your interest in my jewellery.  
Feel free to email me with your questions.

Larry Knox
Metalsmith / Lapidary
Email: larryknox.ns@gmail.com

Laurie Anne King Photography Copyright 2015