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 Welcome to my Handmade Jewellery Page.
The jewellery starts with making many sketches of shapes for earrings, pendants or bracelets. Next some prototypes are assembled. At this stage decisions are made about colour, texture, use of gemstones and metal components.
The handmade process starts with  drawing the shapes, cutting metal, shaping and hammering the pieces of metal. The next step is a process called Enamelling and both sides of the metal are enamelled. Coloured powdered glass is carefully placed onto the metal and set in a very hot kiln  several times to fuse the glass onto the hand shaped pieces of copper. These process of enamelling is repeated several times until the desire effect is achieved.
If you love colour our enamelling comes in many beautiful colours.

The Bracelets are available in the opaque enamel colours of Yellow, Aqua Blue, Willow Green, Red and transparent Copper Green. The size is adjustable to the wrist. The gemstones that you will find in the bracelets are lapis, carnelian, or malachite. The metal components are Bronze or Silver(sterling). To purchase a bracelet please click on store.

These bracelets were designed and handmade at Green Willow Studio by Larry Knox.

The Earrings with gemstones are available in the opaque colours of Yellow, Aqua Blue, Willow Green, Red and transparent Copper Green. The gemstones that you will find in the earrings are lapis, carnelian, or malachite. The ear wire and metal components are in Sterling Silver or Bronze. The Brass earrings have a pattern pressed into it and is polished. The ear wires are sterling silver. The Enamelled only is available is more colour choices. The ear wires are sterling silver.
To purchase earrings please click on store.


The Pendants are one of a kind.

They are shape by hand into circles, rectangles and free form shapes. Powdered glass, filaments and beads are fused in a kiln onto both sides of copper shapes. To purchase a pendant please visit store.


The pendants sizes are large circles 2″, small circles 1.5″, small rectangles are 1.5″, and the wanderer is about 3″. They come with leather cords and sterling silver clasps.
Sizing: 16″ length the small rectangle,  16″ or 18″ for the small circle,  18″ or 20″ for the large circle and rectangle.

My work is available for sale at Aphrodite Art and Fashion in Antigonish, the Flight of Fancy  in Bear River,  Blue Fin in Digby and at my studio-home, Green Willow Studio in Bear River, Nova Scotia.
Enamelled jewellery by Larry Knox won Best in Show in the Production Category at the 2012 Annual Juried Show of Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia.

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